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GunApp Modding Tutorial 1 3 - setting up

GunApp Modding Tutorial 1 3 - setting up

TUTORIAL 1/3 - setting up

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GunApp Modding Tutorial 2 3 - making your weapon

GunApp Modding Tutorial 2 3 - making your weapon

TUTORIAL 2/3 - making your weapon

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GunApp Modding Tutorial 3 3 - polishing your mod

GunApp Modding Tutorial 3 3 - polishing your mod

TUTORIAL 3/3 - polishing your mod

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The easiest way to make your own weapon is to use an existing mod weapon as a base.

To do this we will copy an existing weapon, rename it, and then modify it in a text editor.

TIP: If you are on Windows, I recommend using a good text editor like Context or Notepad++ instead of Notepad. They are free and will be much easier to use than Notepad for editing xml files. Then associate your new text editor to open all .xml files.

Step 1) Choose an existing mod weapon whose behavior is the most similar to what you want to create. This is important because changing animation is not very practical if you are editing the xml yourself (ie if the xml file is not being generated by another tool).

Step 2) Unzip the contents of the weapon into a directory and find the .xml of the weapon you chose and rename it. For example: yourWeapon.xml

Step 3) Swap out the images and sounds.

Open the .xml you renamed and inside, find the images and sounds sections:

       <image id="0">yourWeapon.imageA.png</image>
       <image id="1">yourWeapon.imageB.png</image>
       <image id="2">yourWeapon.imageC.png</image>

       <sound id="0" offset="0">yourWeaponSoundA</sound>
       <sound id="1" offset="0">yourWeaponSoundB</sound>
       <sound id="2" offset="0">yourWeaponSoundC</sound>

Replace these with new assets that you make.

- Sounds must be .ogg format.

- images must be .png format and should be 600 x 400 pixels. (except images to be used as backgrounds which should be 480 x 320)

- If you change the number of images in the .xml, you must go into the <frames> section and make sure that no frames are referencing a non-existant image. Every frame has a img="#" attribute. The # corresponds to the "id" of the <image> in the <images> section.

TIP: Be careful to maintain the formatting of the xml, or the weapon won't work. You can test your xml syntax HERE .

Step 4) Customize other settings: THIS PAGE contains information on many other customizations you can make to the weapon

Step 5) Edit the .json and the yourWeapon.small.png so that it will display properly in the GunApp menu. 'category' specifies what weapon category your weapon will display into:

304	FIRE
305	FUN
306	FPS
307	PREMIUM (don't use or your weapon may appear locked)
309	HAND

Step 6) Test the weapon . You should test your new weapon directly on your device before you zip it up and give it to anyone. Obviously, all new files you referenced must be included with your weapon for it to work on other devices.

If you have a Windows computer, it is possible to test your weapon on your PC .

NOTE: making FPS mod weapons is not yet possible, but should be available to do in the next release