You can download a Windows version of GunApp HERE . This is very helpful for testing mod weapons.

NOTE: if it gives you a 'configuration is not correct' error, install this

To use it you can dump all the weapon files (assets) you need into the /assets folder. the executable is inside /bin.

Simply run the executable, and press numbers and letters to load different weapons. Use the gunList.txt to map weapons to different keys.


Left mouse= fire

enter = reload

All numbers and letters correspond to the asset name of weapons defined in gunList.txt. Read on...

The app will read the gunList and assign the keys defined in there to load the corresponding weapon. So for example if I modify gunList.txt to read a=giantMoth then if i press 'a' in the game it will look for a weapon named giantMoth in the /assets folder and try to load it.

NOTE: the lightsabers won't load in the Windows version because they reference assets that are only included in iOS GunApp. You can still get them to show though by placing imposter files inside the assets/ folder.